Enhance Your Skills With Best Photography Course in Kolkata

Photography is an excellent creative and marketing medium to connect with the audience. The language of visuals helps convey a message, story or news through the medium of visuals. As the saying goes, a picture can speak a thousand words; a photograph thus goes beyond being merely a capture.

At our CAP Academy, we bring the best photography courses in Kolkata to all photography enthusiasts. Our courses are well-curated and designed to help students get a flair for turning a photograph into an appealing story that touches the viewer’s heart.

Each course deals with different aspects of photography, from the subject to touching various niches. These include introducing students to the intricacies of photojournalism, wildlife photography, fashion photography, videography and many more.

Mould your skills into a fantastic piece of artistry under the tutelage of industry experts. Learn the art of documenting moments and capturing them behind the lenses.

Best Photography Course in KolkataBest Photography Course in Kolkata

About CAP Academy - The Best Photography Institute in Kolkata

CAP Academy is listed among Kolkata’s finest and best photography institutes in Kolkata, renowned for our excellent team of instructors and broad curriculum. We have trained over a thousand students at our photography academy in various areas of videography, photography and editing. As a result, most of our students have landed successful opportunities as freelancers, corporate photographers, event photographers, as well as landing jobs in renowned advertising agencies.

The Best Photography Institute in Kolkata

Our photography academy provides a broad mix of standard and advanced photography to make learning about capturing through lenses available for a wide range of students. The training program includes:

  • Understanding camera settings.
  • Using various camera lenses.
  • Adding composition, effects, lighting, editing and developing a final output.

We have the best industry experts who bring an enormous knowledge of photography through theory and practical experience.

We provide an excellent medium to work on real-world projects backed by the best support systems that help in producing unparalleled results. So get set on the journey to build a fantastic portfolio and take your skills to the next level.


We bring multiple courses to educate every photographer to make a mark in this competitive world.

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Showcase your photographic skills by learning from industry experts. Discover the nuances through various programs, from a photography diploma course to niche categories of photojournalism, videography, portfolio management and write-up management at our photography academy in Kolkata.
Get recognition for your work and set a benchmark with your work among your peers and create your identity worldwide.


Our top learners' Speech

I am a student of CAP. This is really a good academy to establish a beginner to a professional photographer. Their infrastructure is very beautiful. The faculties provided me the best knowledge about all sections of photography. I learnt here the standard, advance and commercial photography specialization course. At the time of excursion the faculty provide me the perfect practical knowledge through which I understand the professional work and attitude.

Nehal Paul
Nehal Paul Professional Photographer

I am a student of CAP academy. I am learning here the diploma course. Before my admission in CAP, my parents visited different institutions of photography for me. But they saw the CAP academy is the only corporate photography academy where a student can built his carrier through different wings of photography. All the faculties of CAP are very well educated and well established photographer. The infrastructure of our academy is very beautiful. Everybody is very caring. Our practical sessions are very interesting and enjoyable.

Ushniik Bhattacharya
Ushniik Bhattacharya Student

Cap is a very beautiful academy with Professional & Personal touch – judiciously balanced. They provide best quality. Although their teaching method is excellent. All the faculties are very caring, if you want to learn photographythis place is yours. This is one of the best authentic and trustworthy institute. For beginners, this institute will transform you from a sailor of boat to a skilled sailor of a ship in this ocean. Experience it and feel the difference.

Abhijit Das
Abhijit Das Professional Photographer

So, Contemsys Academy of Photography loads of thanks for introducing us to the world of photography. Learning from basics, practicing in door and out door, group discussions, made learning interesting.

Chiranjib Kar
Chiranjib Kar Professional Photographer

Highly recommendable for photography. I feel extremely lucky to visit the internal infrastructures of Cap’s Photography institute. Now I have gained the confidence to shoot properly. The training isPersonalized, and the student get one to one professional attention.

Saikat kar
Saikat kar Amature Photographer
Outdoor photography Tour

Weorganized some outdoor tours, specially for the photographers who are interested to explore themselves with their comfortable zone of photography.

Outdoor photography Tour
Outdoor photography Tour
Students' work

This is a perfect platform where our students upload their photographs which they have taken in our practical classes.

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