Short Term Courses

CREATIVE Photography

Short Term Courses

Short Term Courses

We introduce some Short Term Courses for those people who are not able to manage their time for a long term course systematically. Some people who don’t want to buy a Camera but love to take photograph through mobile, the people who want to learn only outline of videography or editing and the students of journalism or others who want to learn & develop their English/Bengali writing skill … our short term courses are for them.

Standard Photography

1 Months

8 Hrs.

91 Learners

84 Reviews

STC - Port-Folio Management

Duration: 1 Month (8 hrs)

Portfolio for different profession, Dress code, a little clarification on make-up, light set up, general idea of using the lenses,  editing & presentation of  photographs. Indoor studio based workshop.

STC – Videography

Duration: 1 Month (8 hrs)

A short discussion on videography & cinematography, camera operation, framing & composition, exposure control, focus control & outdoor workshop.

STC - Video Editing

Duration: 1Months (8 hrs)

This is a short term course through which we give you a general idea on adobe premiere, rough cut of the video clip, editing, final cut, sound editing, & rendering project etc.

STC - Write-Up/Editorial Training (English & Bengali Language), Journalism based

Duration: 1 Month (8 hrs)

In this course we discuss on English & Bengali language, developing writing skill, general idea of story writing, general idea & developing skill on report / article writing, developing the skill of interviewing an unknown person / celebrity, developing the skill of choosing headline of the article etc.

Mobile Photography

Duration : 1 month (8 hrs)

The people are more
comfortable with mobile
camera with professional manual settings
and editing. We serve you the outline knowledge
of photograhy and teach you to operate the mobile
camera like a professional

#Disclaimer : Course content may be changed without any prior notice.